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Length-Adjustable - Vario

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Length adjustable brake lever and clutch lever "Vario" by V-Trec

If you want to make changes to your motorcycle, the tuning often begins with the replacement of the brake and clutch lever. The reason for this is that the original levers can be easily and quickly replaced with spare parts. Installed directly in front of the handlebars of your machine, the new brake levers and clutch levers can look a lot better.

Brake and clutch lever motorcycle?

The V-Trec Vario are such replacement brake and clutch levers. Since they are adjustable in length, they can be freely adapted to the needs of the rider. This offers the advantage that the handle length of the levers can be adjusted and adjusted as desired. Length-adjustable brake levers and clutch levers are therefore suitable for motorcyclists who do not want to compromise on the length of the levers and want to be more flexible. In addition, the grip width of the clutch lever and brake lever can also be individually adjusted. This can be adjusted 6 times via an adjuster. So you can choose between a two- or multi-fing operation and adjust the levers exactly to your hand. 

To ensure that your new Vario brake and clutch levers from V-Trec also match your bike visually, you can use our configurator in the MOTEA Online Shop to put them together exactly as you want them. From a selection you can freely choose the colours for lever, adjuster and end piece and thus configure your desired lever. No matter if black, red, gold or blue - your selection becomes your individual lever set.

Of course, we want your lever not only to fit your machine visually. Also the fitting accuracy to your motorcycle model must be right, so that your new V-Trec levers function safely and flawlessly. Therefore your delivery includes not only the lever set you selected and configured, consisting of brake lever and clutch lever, but also a suitable adapter for your motorcycle model. 

V-Trec's high-tech Vario CNC levers are fully milled from high-strength aluminium. The result is that they are not only extremely stable, but also very light in weight. When ordering V-Trec products you can be sure that you get branded products with an ideal price-performance ratio. When developing our products, we pay attention to the quality and clean processing of our products as well as to a fair price. So that you can use the Vario lever set legally on public roads, it has been TÜV tested and has an ABE. This ABE means that no further entries are necessary. 

V-Trec lever assembly?

If you still have doubts that you can't replace the original levers on your own, we can take away all your worries. The installation of the "Vario" brake and clutch on your machine is as quick as it is easy with just a few hand movements. To help you, you can also find a video with step-by-step instructions in our MOTEA Online Shop.

With the length-adjustable levers you have everything under control

The Vario series from V-Trec is the result of many years of expertise in the motorcycle accessories industry. Its adjustable length and 6-way adjustable width distinguish the Vario lever set. Fine details such as its versatile adjustment options and its optical configuration make it possible to adapt the levers individually to the rider and his needs.