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Chopper luggage for custom motorcycles

The question of where to put your luggage always comes up on long motorcycle tours. Naturally, you want to keep your belongings safe and protected from the elements. Thanks to our wide range of chopper luggage, you’re sure to find the right product to take on your tours in the MOTEA online shop. Our motorcycle motorcycle saddlebags and sidecases by Craftride and Customacces. They offer ample storage space and match the design of your bike. Choosing a suitable style of sidecases and saddlebags for your bike is even more important if you have a custom bike. Your chopper luggage shouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb; our sophisticated solutions provide your bike with an extra highlight and always catch the eye of enthusiasts. Saddlebags are perfect for getting more storage space within a few seconds, while side and hardshell cases work wonders for extra space and can be mounted safely and securely on the bike.

Chopper luggage by Craftride and Customacces

The MOTEA online shop offers top brand chopper luggage. This is particularly important, because you need to get your luggage safely from A to B. Craftride saddlebags are made from either cowhide or artificial leather and feature a water-repellent coating. This ensures that they can withstand adverse weather conditions. The wide range of chopper luggage by Craftride and Customacces are made from robust ABS plastic. The specially designed luggage racks and brackets ensure complete stability and safe mounting. Adding saddlebags to your bike is a quick, easy way to get more storage room. You won’t fail to be impressed by our wide range of motorcycle saddlebags and sidecases here in the MOTEA online shop.

The ideal luggage for your motorcycle tour

Finally a longer tour on your motorcycle is on the agenda again. But the anticipation is quickly followed by the thought of all the luggage you want to take with you and stow safely on the bike. At this point, every motorcyclist asks himself the question of how best to create as much storage space as possible on his bike while at the same time attaching his luggage safely, comfortably and attractively. The variety of luggage pockets for the motorcycle creates the solution to this problem. Different sizes, colours, styles, materials, price ranges and features make the choice almost infinite. So there is certainly a suitable luggage bag for every tour, every rider and every motorcycle model.

We also offer you in our MOTEA online shop a huge assortment of motorcycle luggage for your Chopper, Cruiser or Harley. The selection includes saddlebags, rear bags, sturdy side cases, top cases, interior bags and various accessories, such as brackets, assembly kits and sissy bars, ready for you. Our products for the journey on your motorcycle are characterized by quality and safety. The clean processing of high-quality materials promises you a product with optimal price-performance ratio and longevity.

Find the right bag for your trip: Compare demands and selection

If you are looking for the right luggage for your motorcycle, you should first think about what you should bring with you. If you choose different saddlebags, rear bags, side cases and top cases, you can easily get overwhelmed. Waterproof or not, suitable for the right or left side of the vehicle, removable or permanently mounted, as a set or individually - these are just some of the differences that motorcycle luggage can have. At MOTEA, we rely on well-known manufacturers such as Craftride, GIVI, Bagster and Kappa, who have many years of experience in the motorcycle accessories industry.

Especially for riders of choppers, cruisers or a Harley not only the functionality and the storage space of the cases play a role. Their design is also important when choosing the right luggage. The appearance of saddlebags, side cases, top cases and rear bags can have a considerable influence on the look of your bike. So their appearance can give your bike a completely new look or underline its style.

Craftride creates space on your bike

If you drive a Chopper, Cruiser or Harley, you've probably flirted with the OEM Harley Davidson luggage before. But if you don't want to spend so much money on motorcycle luggage, you'll have to look at it. The manufacturer Craftride offers with its products in the motorcycle luggage segment a real and inexpensive alternative to the OEM Harley Davidson luggage. In a direct comparison you can hardly find any differences between Craftride and the OEM articles except in the price. Their functions, workmanship and design are almost identical. Most of the time you can even use parts of the original luggage system for your new Craftride articles, because they are made to fit exactly to the original holders. When ordering from us in our shop, please note whether a kit for the secure attachment of your new motorcycle luggage is included or not.

If you decide for Craftride you will not only get saddlebags, side pockets, rear pockets, side cases and top cases with ideal quality. And you don't have to make any compromises when it comes to design. For the manufacturer Craftride, design is the be-all and end-all for motorcycle luggage, in addition to quality, safety and functionality. So your newly acquired Craftride motorbike case should fit seamlessly into the design of your bike and support the style. Your new Craftride luggage is not only a useful, but also a visual addition to your motorcycle.

If you don't know which saddlebag, side case, top case or rear bag you should choose, you can contact us by phone or e-mail. Our customer service will be happy to give you professional advice and help you find the right luggage system for you and your motorcycle model in our MOTEA Shop.