Magnetic Tank Bag

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Magnetic Tank Bag

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Tank bags with TAB magnets - no accessories - direct and simple

A magnetic tank bag secures and protects your luggage, is often expandable, easy to use, waterproof or with a rain cover. It integrates harmoniously with your motorcycle and meets your needs by helping you store your luggage safely on long journeys. Its innovative design makes it possible to store your luggage in a structured way. Thanks to integrated pockets and compartments. Even if you get off your motorcycle, your luggage is perfectly secured.

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Advantages of the magnetic tank bag:

  • Fits every motorcycle
  • fastest immediate use
  • large selection of volumes
  • Volume is often variable
  • suitable for every type of rider and bike

Disadvantages of the magnetic tank bag:

  • quick scratching of the tank possible
  • may slip at high speeds and with a small windshield
  • may slip in off-road terrain due to strong vibrations