Tankbag with/for Straps

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Tankbag with/for Straps

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Tank bags with belt / tank cover attachment -for extreme challenges

A tank bag with straps secures and protects your luggage, are often expandable, easy to use, waterproof or with rain cover. It integrates harmoniously with your motorcycle and meets your needs by helping you store your luggage safely on long journeys. Its innovative design makes it possible to store your luggage in a structured way. Thanks to integrated pockets and compartments. Even if you get off your motorcycle, your luggage is perfectly secured.

Advantages of the tank bag with straps / for tank covers:

  • matching the shape of your motorcycle
  • no direct contact with the tank (with tank covers)
  • best hold at high speeds
  • best grip even on off-road roads
  • free view of the fittings
  • with tank covers damage to the tank is excluded - even protected against stone chips

Disadvantages of the tank bag with straps / for tank cover:

  • the belts / tank cover must be fastened before use
  • for the solution with tank cover, a separate tank cover is required for each bike
  • scratching by spring deflection is possible in case of strong shocks
  • Belt incorrectly mounted / without proper tension can scratch the tank