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Your Bluetooth headset suitable Smartpohne holder and other gadgets

In the past few years, travelling has also become more and more comfortable for motorcyclists, thanks to many gadgets. Usability with gloves and voice output via Bluetooth are among them. While a few years ago navigation devices were reserved exclusively for motorists, the market has developed rapidly and produced more and more little helpers for motorcycles.

While motorists tend to choose the direct route, bikers are attracted by the prospect of facing new challenges. A detour is gladly accepted as long as it promises a fun factor. Winding serpentines or exciting mountain stages delight the biker's heart. "The way is the goal", every motorcyclist knows that only too well. But so that you don't lose your bearings on your adventures, we at MOTEA have expanded our range of products to include reliable navigation systems. Because we know that a good tour ends with a relaxed arrival.

Navigation devices and other Bluetooth gadgets from Tourtecs have been specially developed for motorcyclists. They navigate you skilfully around traffic jams and avoid boring motorway stages. Instead, they send you on scenic and winding roads. This is made possible by adapted map material and a route calculation designed for motorcyclists.

Motorcycle navigation systems work on the same principle as car navigation systems. However, the time factor for bikers usually plays a rather subordinate role. Beautiful or challenging routes are therefore preferred. There is also a round trip option with which you can create a day trip from your accommodation.

Our navigation systems from Tourtecs offer you the greatest ease of use. They can be operated effortlessly with thin or thick gloves. The display is easy to read while driving and even in direct sunlight. Tourtecs navigation systems are more robust and less sensitive to impact and shock than their car counterparts. They are splash water and dust resistant and convince with advanced technology.

Optimum grip and full power - even on sporty journeys

The range of Navi mounts is enormous. For almost every bike there is the optimal mount. The mounting solutions from Tourtecs are suitable for mounting on the handlebar holder, steering head or in the steering tube. They offer you the best view of the navigation system, vibration damping during the ride and easy removal of the device. In the MOTEA online shop you will also find a selection of excellent mobile phone mounts. Especially rotatable navigation mounts are a popular gadget. The mounts are easy to use and are also available for smartphones.

In order to enjoy a carefree journey, you should think about the battery charge of your navigation system beforehand. Tourtecs offers an ingenious solution for this. Power supply from the on-board power supply via USB connection. This is 12V strong and can easily charge your navigation system and also smartphones during the journey. You can find on-board sockets, adapters and other accessories in our online shop.

Communicate on the road with the Stereo Bluetooth Headsets from Tourtecs

With the advent of Bluetooth headsets in motorsports, the loneliness on the bike was put to an end. The modern devices can be easily attached to the different types of helmets. Headsets are used for communication as well as entertainment and have developed into true power packages since their beginnings. Headsets therefore consist of a microphone and headphones and are equipped with Bluetooth. Headsets without a microphone are usually in-ear or behind-the-ear headphones. They offer wireless connection to mobile phones and navigation systems via Bluetooth with attractive sound. When set up correctly, the headset can receive your music, the navigation announcement or you can use your smartphone to make calls while driving. Some models offer multiple switching between the devices as well as a group connection to other bikers in your area. So when you're on tour, you can stay in touch with others via the Intercom headset, with standby mode or standby time conserving battery power, especially on longer tours.

The Tourtecs headsets guarantee you simplified communication with other bikers or your pillion rider. For mere communication with the passenger, for example, an entry-level BT headset for 2 people is sufficient. Announcing an unscheduled stopover or information about the traffic situation is no longer a problem with our headsets. This not only makes the journey more relaxed and safer. With our headsets, it's no longer necessary to operate your phone, and thanks to the stereo function, you'll enjoy an optimal sound experience. Bluetooth headsets from Tourtecs enable you to communicate in accordance with the German road traffic regulations (StVO) at a fair price.

The Tourtecs headsets convince with their sound quality, thanks to the stereo function and easy handling. Thanks to their flat design, the headphones / headset can be fitted easily in almost any helmet inner lining. It is important that there is sufficient space inside the helmet for the headphones and microphone. Tourtec's Bluetooth mono headsets also impress with a matching fit without slipping. The microphones of our headsets are ideal for making phone calls. Headsets are usually equipped with one or more rechargeable batteries, are wireless and are charged via micro-USB cable. Most headsets for motorcycles are also suitable for ski helmets.

Smartphone holders, lap timers and much more

We at MOTEA carry an extensive range of multimedia articles for motorcycles. No matter if it is navigation accessories, headsets, lap timers for the race track or a large accessory program for our products. Thanks to many years of expertise in the motorcycle industry, our articles are tailored to the special requirements of riding a motorcycle. For improved safety, our products have optimized mounts to keep up with high speeds. With our assortment we offer you models that stand out for their fair price-performance ratio. This makes them the ideal companion with a high level of quality.