Custom & Cafe Racer Fuel Tank

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Custom & Cafe Racer Fuel Tank

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Cafe Racer tanks optimal for the conversion of your chopper

Individualisations and conversions are currently very much in vogue among motorcyclists. Classic motorcycles become unique custom bikes with just a few elements. So riders can give their machines a personal touch. In addition to smaller motorcycle accessories, such as headlights, the fuel tank plays a special role for such conversions. Because it is one of the most important style elements on your motorcycle. In our online shop you will find a large selection of custom, chopper and cafe racer tanks for your individual conversion.

The design of the original motorcycle tank is usually very simple and simple. This makes it more functional than a stylish element on the bike. Also its size moves many motorcyclists to a conversion of their bike. So that the tank is no longer the weak spot on your bike, you can replace it with a new model with more or less gallons according to your wishes. This can also maximize the range on motorcycle tours and visually conjure up a bobber style out of your machine.

Such tank conversions for motorcycles are also suitable for replacing defective tanks. If your (OEM) motorcycle tank is damaged or broken, it is often worth the time and money to repair or restore it. Therefore, the direct replacement of the tank with a new model is usually the optimal solution at this point.

Cafe Racer, Chopper and Custom Tanks from Craftride in large selection

If you think of the OEM fuel tank of a vehicle, you directly have the image of an unspectacular and purely functional element in your head. The manufacturer Craftride wants to change this with its range of cafe racers, chopper and custom tanks in different versions. Craftride's motorcycle tanks are carefully crafted from high quality materials and promise quality and safety. Their ideal price-performance ratio makes them ideal for passionate motorcycle hobbyists.

Craftride's large selection of different universal tanks has the right product for every bike. Painted and unpainted, various gallon sizes from Mini to XL and special designs in retro and vintage look suitable for almost every taste leave nothing to be desired. That's why we also offer chopper tanks in different shapes, from peanut to stretch to voluminous bully. Our selection of tanks ranges from Harley Davidson (Dyna, Softail and Co.) to many other brands. If you choose a variant that fits your model, the Chopper Tank can give your motorcycle the right line and perfect shape. With us you can freely decide how your unique custom bike should look at the end. Our custom tanks will support this styling freely chosen by you and conjure up an optical eye-catcher from your motorcycle in the twinkling of an eye.

Customize your bike with Chopper Tanks from Craftride

The fuel tank is a characteristic element of your machine, because it immediately catches the eye. Accordingly, its design has a big influence on the look and appearance of your machine. Styling is just as important here as technology and can give your bike a whole new look. With a new tank you can not only contribute to the functionality of your individual chopper, but also to its appearance.

Customize your bike! Whether Harley Davidson or another brand, we have the right accessories for you - no matter which motorcycle model you drive. Our range offers you a large selection of different Cafe Racer tanks for your conversion to a unique and individual chopper. Maybe your bike will soon show up in a completely new look with a new chopper tank.

MOTEA wishes you success with your custom project.