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Running light indicator | LED indicator | Mini indicator
suitable for your motorbike - the choice is yours.

Turn signals in any form are indispensable for safety on the bike. Of course, the motorbike indicator also has an important function, but usually doesn't look good with your motorbike. With the help of LED turn signals, other drivers can not only see you better in traffic. With new functions such as running light and integrated parking or brake light and maximum luminosity thanks to modern LED technology, you will be better recognised. Mini LED turn signals for motorbikes are available on the market in a wide variety of shapes and designs. From vintage turn signals to sporty, minimalist mircro turn signals, there is a suitable light for every bike, regardless of whether it's a chopper, naked, sports, touring or adventure bike.

The LED turn signals from Lumitecs also offer a large selection in this segment. Cleanly processed from high-quality materials in the best quality at optimum prices. The LED motorbike turn signals from Lumitecs are suitable for many motorbikes. The modern LED technology with E-number in the universal turn signals have an extremely high luminosity, a long service life and fit perfectly to your motorbike.

The LED mini turn signals, universal turn signals or the running light turn signals usually have an E-approval. So they are delivered with an ABE parts certificate. Of course, Lumitecs also offers motorbike turn signals and LED mini turn signals for showroom purposes. These are not E-approved. Turn signals and mini turn signals without an E-approved number may not be used in road traffic. The operating licence will expire. Motorbike LED turn signals from Lumitecs can be easily mounted on the original mounting points or on a number plate holder conversion. This means that, as a rule, no modifications to the motorbike are necessary. Connection to the on-board electrical system is also simple after installation; an indicator relay may be required on some models.

Give your motorbike a personal touch with universal mini turn signals from Lumitecs.

Led mini turn signals with extremely bright built-in LEDs add style to your motorbike and let others see you better. The LED indicators have been carefully manufactured and are easy to fit, usually without the need for any modifications to the motorbike. Our range includes motorbike LED indicators with daytime running lights, parking lights or tail lights and integrated brake lights. They come with universal connectors that are mostly compatible with your motorbike model.

Improve your visibility and customise the look to your liking

No part of the motorbike is replaced as often as the motorbike turn signals. Manufacturers put a lot of thought into the design before launching a new motorbike model. But here too, tastes differ. And some bikers already think about modifying the design to suit their requirements when they buy their new bike. We at Motea have taken this into account and offer everything the custom heart desires. In our online shop, you will find many different versions of LED turn signals and mini turn signals. From simple LED motorbike turn signals to universal motorbike turn signals with integrated rear light. Many products on our website have an ABE and do not need to be registered. Do you have questions about our products? Our FAQ section tries to answer the most common questions.