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Regulator / Rectifier

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Your regulator for a long life of your battery and electronics

Voltage regulators (also called rectifiers) belong to the inconspicuous but nevertheless very important accessories of a motorcycle. They regulate several tasks in the electronics of your machine which are necessary for the performance and functionality of individual electrical components. For example, the charge controller is often to blame when it comes to burnt-out lamps or a flat battery.

What functions does a rectifiers have?

The charge controller has the function to regulate the input voltage, which is generated by the alternator while the engine is running, and to feed it into the vehicle electrical system and battery at the correct, even level for the current demand. This means that the electronic regulator regulates the incoming input voltage and passes it on to all power consumers in the vehicle in such a way that they receive sufficient energy for their respective functions - no more and no less. In short, rectifiers ensure the ideal distribution of the charging voltage to the individual components of the electrical system in the motorcycle.

Such regulators are indispensable for the alternator of the bike, which is why they are also called Lima regulators. The alternator's AC voltage is converted into DC voltage by the regulator so that the lamps only receive the energy they need to perform their function. Even with strongly fluctuating motor speed, the voltage regulator can regulate the incoming input voltage in such a way that the output voltage is kept constant. In this way, the voltage regulator protects the electrical loads of your motorcycle, such as the alternator, from overvoltage and prevents the battery from overcharging.

If the original rectifier of your machine is broken, a deep discharge of the battery of your machine can take place. The battery can no longer charge or is overcharged, so in the worst case it boils, inflates and bursts. Therefore you should regularly check all contacts and leads of the regulator, Lima and battery. This will tell you if the Lima regulator of your bike has the battery voltage under control. If this is not the case, and the output voltage does not correspond to the ideal distribution, it's time for a new regulator. The spare part has the same dimensions and control power as the original voltage regulators.

Voltage regulators from Craftride suitable for your model

In our assortment we have a variety of different charge controllers, exactly suitable for almost every motorcycle model. Due to the clean and high-quality processing by the manufacturer Craftride, products with quality and safety are created. Craftride's relays are available in different optical and functional versions, so that for everyone there is the optimal product for equal distribution of the output voltage in the motorcycle. This is important because the ideal output voltage for a motorcycle can vary depending on the model.

A little tip from us: To optimise the heat dissipation generated by the battery voltage, you can simply apply copper or aluminium paste under your regulator.