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Exhaust System

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MOTEA - the place to buy motorcycle exhaust systems

The best way to purchase the perfect exhaust in our online shop is to save your bike details in your MOTEA account. Simply select your model and the exhausts that fit your bike will be displayed. This ensures that you will find the right silencer from our range. As well as sports exhaust brands such as MIVV and Leo Vince we also stock manufacturers such as Miller, which specialise in the field of custom bike exhausts.

Motorcycle exhausts: it's all about the right sound

a loud roar, a low thudding or a deep rumble. The shape and filling of a silencer is really meant to stop loud motor sounds. This is why many motorcycle manufacturers install release silencers ex-works. These silencers allow the sound and exhaust fumes to run through a chamber system, which gradually causes the sound to lose its power. However, this leads to enormous amounts of back pressure due to compression in the sound chambers, which also reduces the maximum performance. Installing a sports exhaust allows you to modify the sound waves. But that's not all. With an absorption exhaust, the noise and exhaust fumes are no longer pushed through chambers; instead they are channelled through a perforated tube with an insulating wool jacket. The entirely different design and construction converts the sound energy into heat, which allows the motor to breathe deeper and provides extra performance.

Our tip for motorcycle exhaust systems

When changing an exhaust system, always change the seal at the same time. If a silencer won’t come loose, it’s usually down to age and corrosion. A little rust dissolver will help. It should then be possible to remove the old exhaust with a little twisting and pulling. You can remove the remaining old material around the fixing point with a steel brush, triangular scraper or sanding paper. When fitting the new seal, be careful not to apply too much pressure or bend it, otherwise you could cause unwanted damage. Even when installing one of the new slip-on silencers, use the angle of the manifold as an orientation point and do not apply too much stress to the new seal.