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Footrests & Gear Lever

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Motorcycle footrests and gear levers

Footrests are where the rider and the passenger put their feet on a motorcycle. Almost no other component of a motorcycle is as frequently ignored as the footrests and yet they play a major role in the ergonomic relationship between biker and bike. These components are typically made from steel or aluminium. They provide greater grip and active riding.

Footrests come in a variety of different versions. They can usually be folded by means of a hinge. However, push-fit systems are also available for passengers. It is generally also possible to mount them on the swingarm. However, it is then necessary to change the adapter. The area of the footrest that comes into contact with the foot often has a profile - either corrugated or grooved - so that it can offer the best possible grip and prevent slipping. Footrests can be adjusted to the precise requirements of the rider. Various factors play a role in determining the perfect ergonomics. Our footrests can be adjusted in a number of different ways to match your leg length and foot position perfectly.

Buying motorcycle footrests online

You will find a large selection of motorcycle parts and accessories in our online shop We stock retrofitting sets for many motorcycle models. If you're not sure what footrest is suitable for your motorcycle, use our model search. Simply select your motorcycle brand, production year and version - and we will find the suitable products for you.

Motorcycle gear levers

In contrast to cars, gear selection on a motorcycle takes place via the foot. On most motorcycle models it is on the left side of the bike and can be depressed or lifted with the toe in order to change gear. Once the gear has been successfully changed, it returns to its original position. This is accomplished via a spring mechanism. If the spring mechanism becomes defective, the motorcycle gear lever can be replaced without any problem. Whether you need a replacement for a defective gear lever or are looking for a new one for reasons of ergonomics, we at MOTEA stock a wide range of high-quality accessories for your motorcycle. Our products are made from the highest quality materials and are CNC-milled. Many models have a scratchproof surface so as to guarantee years of enjoyment.