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Side Mirrors

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Side mirrors for safety and improved optics

In road traffic it is important to see and be seen. The prerequisite for your own safety is therefore optimal consideration. The most important thing with a motorbike mirror is a sufficient mirror surface. If this is too small, the mirror does not receive an E-mark.

Motorbike side mirrors also contribute a lot to the optical appearance. Here the minimalism is most popular. Upside-down side mirrors with minimal overall size should round off the complete appearance of your bike. Most people therefore choose handlebar end mirrors without E-mark, because they are smaller and fit better to the bike. Even custom sport and chopper bikers agree on this. Less mirror means more bike.

Motorbike side mirrors in great variety

Safety is also a top priority at MOTEA. Therefore we offer in our online shop a wide range of bar end mirrors in our motorcycle accessories. From custom mirrors, mirrors with LED indicators to the popular side mirrors suitable for different inch handlebars, we have an impressive selection. You can choose your new handlebar end mirrors to match your bike optically.

Cleanly processed from high-strength aluminum, our bar end mirrors from various manufacturers are not only something for the eye. With the latest LED lighting and clean CNC milled body, the side mirrors also convince with their quality. All handlebar end mirrors are universal fitting. The only important thing is the diameter of your handlebar at the mounting. The most popular handlebars are the 22mm and 1 inch versions. But also here the handlebar end can be different. Therefore it is important to know its dimensions of the handlebar end. Quick and easy to mount, an adjustable side mirror also allows an individual adjustment. Here it is important not only to pay attention to your own size, but not to interfere with the handlebar angle. This could otherwise cause damage to your bike or tank or even be fatal in very tight corners.