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The optimal motorcycle clothing for optimal protection

One of the best hobbies you can have is riding a motorcycle. Those who ride a motorcycle love the freedom, mobility and fun on the bike. At the same time, you are exposed to a higher risk when riding a motorcycle. The high acceleration and the compactness of a bike, which makes it easily overlooked by other road users, can quickly lead to accidents. In such falls, the risk of injury is particularly high for motorcyclists. Protective clothing should dampen the impact, especially at low speeds. At high speed it is more a question of protection against abrasion.

Finding the right and suitable protective clothing and a suitable helmet is therefore just as important as the right motorcycle.

The purpose determines the outfit

For sporty rides, one-piece suits and leather suits are particularly suitable. They fit closely to the body and are therefore the most ergonomic with the lowest air resistance. The best protection when sliding over the asphalt is also found here. A must for every race track.

On tours that mainly involve country roads or where the weather can be unstable, protective clothing made of textile is recommended. From airy-light to double waterproof membrane with 3 to 12 protector inlets, the choice is huge.

A good visibility is usually achieved through reflective applications. These can be found in all clothing equally.

The golden rule: Protectors

The most important protection, after the helmet, is provided by the protectors. The following protectors are possible with motorcycle clothing:

  • Back protector
  • Shoulder protectors
  • Elbow protectors
  • Hip protectors
  • Kidney protector
  • Lateral leg protector
  • Knee protectors
  • Shin protectors

All these protectors make the already heavy motorcycle clothing even more unwieldy and above all "stiffer", which is why more and more motorcyclists are looking for lighter clothing and do without the protectors and their accessories, as these are not compulsory except for the helmet.

Protectors jacket / trousers as underwear, an optimal solution?

Yes, coming from the cross and enduro scene, the protector jacket and the protector pants enjoy great popularity. Minimal weight, quick to put on and take off, the advantages are simply not to be assigned by hand. The biker can pull on whatever he likes and is still always optimally protected. Thus the optics as well as the protection is right. The advantages of protector underwear:

  • low cost
  • very low tare weight
  • always applicable
  • small pack size
  • individual optical outerwear
  • perfect fit
  • no slipping of the protective clothing

So before you don't wear protection you should consider this alternative. The costs are also different from the complete motorcycle clothing here absolutely clear. So a jacket can cost several hundred euros while a protector jacket / pants cost only a fraction.

TIP: In case of heavy rain a good rain/overcoat combination is recommended for all types of clothing. These are 100% waterproof.