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Motorcycle protective Clothing

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The crush zone for motorcyclists: protectors

Protectors are the only protection a biker has. Due to the lack of crumple zones, motorcyclists are more at risk in road traffic than any other road user. Even experienced motorcyclists are not safe from accidents. Bad weather conditions, wrongly estimated speeds on the part of motorists or an extended braking distance can cause serious injuries.

Protective clothing therefore offers a high degree of additional safety. There is now a wide range of motorcycle clothing available. In addition to the legally required helmet, you will find a repertoire of protector vests, trousers, boots and gloves.

No matter whether in everyday life, on day trips or on longer tours. You can only enjoy a touch of freedom if you are protected in case of an accident. With the right protective clothing, you can get your bike up and running in a relaxed manner and conquer the landscape with it.

Protective clothing - best protection on and off the road

Protector clothing was originally designed for riding off-road. Since then, it has become indispensable in the motocross sport. But even off the cross-country track, protective clothing cuts a fine figure. It reliably protects the endangered body parts thanks to its ergonomic fit.

Decisive for good protective clothing is of course its protective function. Even at low speeds, blunt injuries and abrasions can hardly be avoided without suitable motorcycle clothing. Protectors reduce your risk of injury in the event of a fall thanks to their shock-absorbing properties. That's why size is also a decisive factor when choosing your protectors. A larger surface also absorbs more impact force. Furthermore, you can never wear too many protectors on your body.

It is especially important when wearing protective clothing to make sure it fits properly. Because only if the protectors fit in the right places can they provide optimum protection. Thanks to their tight fit, the protectors are prevented from slipping. So you are optimally protected in case of a fall. Protector pants, protector jackets and protector vests can protect you from serious damage in the event of a fall or accident. That is why they should become an elementary part of your equipment.

Comfortable and safe on the road with your protector clothing

A protector jacket fulfils the desire for best wearing comfort and high safety. It offers high protection for chest, back, shoulders, hips and elbows. The armour-like protector jacket with integrated back protector is also convincing with its high level of comfort. Motorcycle protector jackets, protector vests and protector pants are made to fit the seated body posture and should therefore be tried on accordingly in a seated position. When buying them you should pay special attention to a good fit and high-quality workmanship. Light and breathable materials such as mesh fabric offer you the best wearing comfort. The net-like fabric ensures better air circulation and cools your body down optimally even in hot weather. Treat yourself to maximum comfort with maximum breathability.

Passionate motorcyclists are advised to wear a protective gear consisting of a protector jacket and protector pants. Protector pants are not only practical but also very comfortable and contribute to a pleasant body climate. In addition, protector inner trousers have a clear advantage: they do not attract attention under your everyday clothes. They also effectively reduce the risk of injury, thanks to strategically placed protectors in the leg and hip area. Doubled material also protects vulnerable areas, such as the lower and upper thighs. Innovative materials and designs make for an uncomplicated leisure look. Perfect for the short coffee break in between. Protector shorts and protector pants offer protection against impact, abrasion and heat. They protect what's underneath - your skin - and ensure optimal climate regulation. All our XGP Protective Pants are of excellent quality and can be perfectly combined with our XGP Protector Jackets, Protector Vest and Knee Protectors.

XGP - Our brand for quality, safety & design

In our MOTEA online shop you can now find our brand new brand "XGP". Based on years of expertise in the motorcycle industry, we have developed a brand especially for you that covers the world of motorcycle protective clothing. With our assortment of protector pants and protector jackets we offer you models which are characterized by their fair price-performance ratio and convince with their quality.

Our XGP motorcycle protector jackets and protector pants are available for everyone, in the right size and price category. We want to help you find the perfect protection gear for your next ride with our XGP brand. With our jackets and trousers you are not only protected in case of an accident. Due to their high wearing comfort, they provide you with the perfect riding experience when biking. With XGP protective gear you can enjoy the absolute feeling of freedom on your bike.

A little tip from us for you: We are constantly working on our new brand "XGP" and develop new products based on our customers' wishes to offer you the widest possible online range of motorcycle clothings in our shop. Therefore we advise you to visit us regularly and let us surprise you with the new products and offers you can expect on your next visit to the MOTEA online shop.