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Motorcycle Cover

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Motorcycle covers offer protection when your bike's not in use

We offer a wide range of motorcycle covers. Some are only suitable for use indoors, while others can also be used outdoors without any problem. Motorcycle covers protect your bike from the wind and weather. When looking for a suitable cover, you shouldn't always choose the cheapest. Although a cheap cover will probably offer sufficient protection from the wet, such products are usually made from very rough material, which acts like sandpaper on the motorcycle paintwork and can cause permanent damage. When purchasing a cover, make sure it has a paintwork-friendly inner surface. Most motorcycle covers stocked by MOTEA have a special coating that protects the motorcycle paintwork.

Make sure that your bike is clean before storing it!

Dust and dirt can have a similar effect on your motorcycle. Such contaminants can act like a wire brush on the paintwork. If the wind moves your motorcycle cover, dirt can be rubbed across your paintwork. Many bikers have lifted the cover on their bike after the winter only to realise with horror that their bike paintwork has been damaged.

Prevent condensation

To prevent condensation from forming under the motorcycle cover, you should ensure that it remains 5 cm from the ground. Condensation can cause considerable damage to your bike. We recommend removing the cover for a short time on dry days to give the motorcycle a chance to dry. It goes without saying that you should only store your bike if it is completely dry. You should also never put your bike under a cover if it has recently been used. The heat from the exhaust can cause condensation to form under the cover.

Order a motorcycle cover with the ideal fit in the MOTEA online shop

We offer a wide range of motorcycle covers with the ideal fit in our online shop. The fit is very important, because it can under certain circumstances tear if it has too much play. Ordering your new motorcycle cover is simple online. With our model finder, your purchase couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is enter the manufacturer, model and production year of your bike and our search engine will present you with the right cover. MOTEA stands for top quality, speedy delivery and optimum customer service. Order your new motorcycle cover and see for yourself.