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Seat cushion for more comfort on your motorbike

Bikers know the problem: You are looking forward to an extensive tour and want to cover countless kilometres on your bike. But the joy stops at the beginning, because at some point the body begins to report pain or numbness. Strong vibrations during the ride and the punctual pressure from the seat force the body to take a break. However, there is a simple and inexpensive solution to this problem.

Motorbike cushions of any kind can significantly increase the seating comfort for riders, especially on longer tours, and reduce pain and numbness while riding. This makes the motorbike tour more comfortable and allows the rider to continue enjoying the ride for a long time. Motorcycle seat cushions convince by their optimal price-performance ratio. Their clean and high-quality workmanship promises quality and at the same time high functionality in terms of comfort. In addition, motorbike seat pads have the advantage that they are particularly quick to put on and take off again. Thus the seat cushion can be quickly and easily exchanged and individually adapted to the rider and the situation.

Tourtecs seat cushions in different versions

In our assortment you will find many different Tourtecs seat cushion styles to suit you and your bike. Their quality and workmanship offer not only an ideal price-performance ratio, but also increased seating comfort on your bike - even over long distances. The seat cushions are available in various sizes to fit your motorbike model, whether chopper, naked bikes or other. Thus they can be adapted ideally to the seat surface of your machine. Motorcycle seat pads are an ideal alternative to replacing the complete motorbike seat. On the one hand they convince on the price level and on the other hand in their flexible use. By attaching them to the bike bench using straps, the cushions can be quickly attached and removed as required. This makes them a real alternative for those who do not want to convert their motorcycle to a bench seat.

Motorbike gel cushion for more seating comfort while riding

Similar to the air cushions from Tourtecs, the motorbike pads with gel inserts provide a significant increase in seating comfort on your motorbike. The integrated gel insert in the seat cushion distributes the rider's body weight evenly over the motorcycle seat. This protects against the generation of punctual pressure that can cause pain in the body (for days). The absorption of vibrations and shocks by the gel pad is also particularly gentle on the body and makes longer journeys considerably more comfortable and pain-free. Feelings of numbness and circulatory disorders can be prevented. With an ideal thickness of 1 cm, the Tourtecs gel cushion only changes the rider's seat height very slightly. In addition, the gel cushion's anti-slip coating ensures a firm hold on your bike without slipping. Also the motorcycle gel cushion convinces by a simple attachment at the motorbike bench with straps. So you can attach the accessory for long tours quickly and then remove if necessary.

You haven't found the right one yet? Then have a look at our seat cushion assortment from Tourtecs. Here you will find air cushions and gel comfort cushions for your motorbike, cushion pads made of lambskin, seat cushions made of various materials (e.g. neoprene), cushions for the pillion seat and other products. Our selection has the ideal product for every rider and every machine for a comfortable ride with maximum convenience.

Motorcycle air cushions for riders with high demands

Our selection offers, for example, Tourtec air cushions for your motorcycle seat. These are, as their name suggests, equipped with air cushions and can be easily adapted to your personal needs. The air pressure can usually be regulated via a valve. The cushion is optimally adjusted so that the buttocks are only minimally separated from the seat. The loss of direct contact with the seat slightly changes the riding feeling. However, motorcyclists usually get used to this change very quickly. Many small, interconnected air chambers inside the seat cushion ensure that it adapts perfectly to the rider's sitting position. The back is thus optimally supported and relieved many times over. Painful joints and signs of fatigue in the extremities are a thing of the past. Like all seat cushions, the air cushion from Tourtecs has the advantage that it can be quickly and easily attached to the motorcycle from the outside using tension hooks and eyelets.