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Shock Absorbers & Suspension

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Motorcycle shock absorbers for your optimal handling

The shock absorbers, also called suspension struts, are a relevant part of your motorbike and therefore an essential part of the necessary suspension equipment. These small motorbike accessories are crucial for the safety of your bike as well as for the riding comfort. Suspension struts serve as dampers on the chassis of your bike. They are designed to compensate for uneven road surfaces, such as potholes, brake pads or bumps, by damping up and down movements of the wheel through the suspension. This improves the handling of the suspension and protects the bike from damage. In addition, the damping allows the vehicle to be guided safely.

How do I recognize a defective shock absorber?

Defective shock absorbers on the vehicle mean that you have to buy a new shock absorber system. But usually it is not so easy to recognize that the old shock absorbers are defective. This is because they wear out only slowly and gradually. Therefore you should check your shock absorbers on your bike regularly. This is the only way to see if the vibrations of the spring are sufficiently dampened or not. A regular check of the shock absorbers is also necessary to keep the risk of accidents as low as possible.

An important tip for detecting defective suspension struts is to take a look at the tread of the tyres. If the tread shows irregular wear, the probability of defective shock absorbers is quite high. If you find such a defect on the shock absorbers of your bike, we strongly recommend you to install new shocks. Defective shock absorbers can increase the braking distance and cause the tyres to lose contact with the ground during emergency braking.

Optimally equipped with Craftride shock absorbers

Our category shock absorbers / suspension struts is dominated by products of the manufacturer Craftride. On the basis of several years of experience in the motorcycle accessories industry, shock absorber systems have been developed here by the manufacturer, which are characterized by their quality, safety and an optimal price. For example, if you want to replace your defective shock absorbers on your motorbike with new shock absorbers, the universal shock absorbers from Craftride are the right choice.

Here you can get motorcycle shock absorbers exactly fitting your bike model. Our shock absorbers are available for the front and rear axle of your bike. As the length of the shock absorbers can vary, as well as the length of the spring, you will find shock absorbers in different lengths in our assortment. So we promise you absolute fitting accuracy when mounting the universal shock absorbers of the brand Craftride. Depending on which length you choose for your spare part, it is possible to lower your bike after the installation of the shock absorbers, because the spare parts are usually shorter than the original shock absorbers. The shock absorber shock strut, or vibration damper, adapts perfectly to both the rider and the road conditions. Thus the weight is optimally absorbed and damped by the spring. This guarantees a better protection of your bike, relief of the tires and a more comfortable ride.

By reducing the feeling of bumps on the road, the vehicle lies quietly and safely on the road. As a rider, you have better control of your bike while riding. With optimal shock absorbers, the bumps are less noticeable to the rider, allowing him to keep his bike safer and more under control while riding. In addition, you can choose between the colours chrome and black to match your new shock absorbers visually to your bike. For example, the new shock absorbers in black or chrome can give your vehicle a casual custom look or enhance the look.