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Sissy Bars

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Sissy bars make passengers happy

With a sissy bar you and your passenger can sit comfortably for the duration of your journey. A sissy bar is typically a cushioned backrest for the pillion seat. While you keep an eye on the traffic, your passenger can enjoy a relaxed seating position. This is a big advantage, especially on longer tours. Our sissy bars come with a mounting kit. Many sissy bars also include a rear wheel luggage rack. You don’t need to make any alterations to your motorcycle to attach it to your bike. Custom-made chrome-plated sissy bars make every ride a more comfortable experience. Our products fit well, are well-designed and look great on your bike. Sissy bars are very popular because of the comfort they offer. However, they are sometimes also installed to improve the overall look of the bike. Sissy bars are particularly popular in chopper circles as they support the typical look of such bikes. We stock sissy bars for nearly every model of motorcycle. Browse through our online shop and find the model that suits your bike best.

Sissy bars make riding safer

Sissy bars make riding more relaxed. Safety becomes a major issue if you want to take your kids on a motorcycle tour Sometimes they don’t hang on tight enough when you accelerate. A sissy bar might not be able to prevent children or other passengers falling off the pillion seat, but it does increase stability and safety.

Finding the right sissy bar is a breeze

To find the right sissy bar, simply use you MOTEA account. All you need to do is enter your model and production year. Our online shop customers naturally enjoy our speedy delivery and 30-day return policy.