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Tail Tidies

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Motorcycle tail tidies: the ideal solution for attaching your licence plate to your motorcycle

Our special tail tidies are the ideal replacement for the unwieldy original licence plate holders on your motorcycle. All our tail tidies are very robust and weatherproof. It is possible to alter their angle and adjust the width of the indicator fittings. You don’t need to make any changes to your fairings in order to attach the tail tidies. Licence plate lights are available as separate accessories. Give your motorcycle an individual touch with our tail tidies.

Here at MOTEA, you can find suitable tail tidies in just a few seconds

The right tail tidy will give any motorcycle its own individual look. Whether you use them in the centre or on the side, you’ll sure to find the right product. We stock a wide range of different motorcycle tail tidies at attractive prices. Here at MOTEA, you’ll find the one that makes your bike unique. Every model features a stylish design and a robust construction. They are also easy to install. You can attach the tail tidy to the original points, which makes additional drilling unnecessary.

At MOTEA we value value for money

Here at MOTEA you can find motorcycle tail tidies at a fantastic price for nearly any motorcycle model. All of our tail tidies are made from high-quality materials. This guarantees robustness and a long service life. When you decide on a tail tidy from MOTEA, you’re getting top quality at the best price available.