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Front Paddock Stand

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Front Paddock Stand Triple Tree from ConStands.

The front paddock head stand for safe and easy jacking up in a few seconds.

You want to be able to screw on your bike comfortably and safely? Then the front paddock stands are the ideal tool for you. In favour of a sleek design and more lean angle freedom, many motorcycles do without a main stand. This makes maintenance, care and repair work on the biek difficult and uncomfortable. Especially if you want to work on the motorcycle alone, you need the right auxiliary tool.

What are the advantages of a triple tree paddock?

With the steering head paddock, the front wheel of your bike can be jacked up with just a few hand movements and within a very short time. Favourable lever ratios and easy-running rollers ensure that very little effort is required to do this. Due to the mounting at the front of the steering head, the spring elements are not loaded when the bike is jacked up - unlike with conventional front wheel mounting stands.
This offers you more possibilities in the area of service and repair compared to a simple front wheel stand. You not only have free access to the front wheel, brakes and fork, but you can also remove them completely. Care, maintenance and repair work can be carried out much more conveniently at the front of the bike with the mounting stand. Therefore, the front head paddock is not only useful on race tracks. It is also increasingly finding its place in the workshop or garage at home.

At Motea you can find different mounting stands for the steering head. For example the inexpensive "Classic" steering head jack. Stable and safe in its construction, it fulfils all basic functions of a steering head stand. In addition, it can be folded up to save space when needed. The "Standard" assembly stand also has an adjustable height. This means that the assembly stand can be adapted exactly to your motorcycle. The "Vario" model shines with a larger adjustment range. It thus offers an even better fit for your bike.

For those who also place value on attractive design in the workshop, the "Falcone" is just the right model. Its large and eye-catching double castors not only enhance its appearance, they also support its smooth operation.

The "V4" provides extreme stability. 38mm oversize tube ensures absolute stability of your machine and maximum comfort during service and repair work. In order to protect both the mounting stand and the ground, rubber studs are attached to the stand as spacers. The extra wide shape of the "V4" steering head jack also protects the fairing of your bike when jacking up.

The innovative "V5" rounds off the range of steering head mounting stands. It combines all the functions mentioned so far - and tops them off with a 7-fold height adjustment (height adjustment in 3 cm steps). This makes it particularly suitable for brands and models with very long suspension travel, such as the Yamaha MT09, BMW GS or Triumph Tiger.

Is the steering head mounting stand also suitable for wintering my bike?
The mounting at the front of the steering head completely relieves the load on the spring elements and the front wheel of your bike even when it is jacked up. This relief also makes the assembly stand suitable for longer periods of standing, such as for wintering your bike. Basically it is recommended to use the steering head jack in combination with a rear wheel stand. In this way a higher stability and safety can be achieved, which is especially important for your bike during winter and for longer standing phases.

Does the front head paddock fit my motorcycle?

An important requirement for the safe use of a steering head stand is that it is suitable for the support of your motorcycle. With our ConStands brand, you will receive the appropriate adapter pin for your bike with your delivery in addition to the mounting stand. Depending on the steering head, a model-specific adapter or an adapter set with pins in all common sizes is delivered. So you can be sure that your new ConStands stand fits your bike exactly.

In general, special care should be taken when choosing the perfect steering head stand for your bike. For safe use, quality must come first. If you choose an inferior product, you quickly run the risk of the machine being unstable in the stand when jacked up. In the worst case, this can cause your bike to tip over during use, resulting in costly damage. To avoid this and to ensure safety for both you and your bike, the ideal mounting stand should be chosen carefully.

Are you looking for the ideal front stand because a simple front wheel stand is no longer sufficient for your purposes? Here in the online shop of MOTEA you will find numerous variants of a steering head jack with ideal price-performance ratio. They combine stability and functionality in one product. You are guaranteed to find your desired article in the large selection of high-quality brand products. You can order it comfortably and quickly directly online in the shop and have it delivered to your home. With our 30-day money-back guarantee, you also take no risk with your order.