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Paddock Stand Front

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Front wheel lifters by ConStands - 100% sophistication

Solid lifters make maintenance and repair work on your bike safe, simply and comfortable. Simplify your work by using high-quality, sophisticated front wheel lifters. Our ConStands front wheel lifters are designed so that they can be operated with minimal effort. They feature solid construction and are made using high-quality materials such as aluminium. This makes them very safe and ensures stable lifting of the front wheel for maintenance, repairs and cleaning. They are ideal for transportation and storage. Their robust construction guarantees greater safety and stability while you work.

ConStands front wheel lifters incorporate a dolly and steering head stand, and have been carefully designed and manufactured to meet your needs. All of our front wheel lifters are reinforced, can cope with heavy loads and are suitable for a wide range of motorcycles. With our lifters, you won’t need any help to raise your front wheel. They are designed so that a single person can operate them on their own without any trouble at all.

You can trust our many years of experience in the field of mounting stands

Here at MOTEA we offer a wide range of front wheel lifters for your motorcycle. Finding a suitable lifter online is simple and convenient. Naturally, you benefit from our 30-day return policy and quick delivery. All of our products are manufactured according to the highest standards. You’re in the right place if you’re looking to buy a safe, reliable lifter online.