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Single Sided Paddock Stand

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Single sided Paddock from ConStands.

The single sided stand for effortless and safe jacking up in the shortest time.

You want to jack up your motorcycle easily and with a few hand movements without having to use a lot of force? The ConStands one-arm stands will help you. Just in time for the start of the season in spring, motorcyclists have to carry out various service, maintenance and repair work on their bikes. The passionate screwing and self-help work on their own machine is part of it for many. Whoever wants to do this needs the right tools - also for jacking up the motorcycle. Bikes with single-sided swingarms need special tools for this, because they cannot be jacked up with a conventional rear wheel paddock.

What is a single sided swing?

Most motorcycles have a two-sided swing arm. This means that their rear wheel is connected to the motorcycle from both sides at the mounting pin on the axle. Motorcycles with single-sided swingarms, on the other hand, are connected to the motorbike on only one side at the arbor on their rear wheel. On the other side, the rear wheel remains largely free. On the one hand, this leads to a weight saving as well as increased torsional stiffness in inclined position, which is why motorcycles with single-sided swingarms are particularly popular with racers.

Can I remove my rear wheel with the single sided swingarm?

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, fitting and removing the rear wheel is much easier on models with single sided swingarm. This makes care, maintenance and service more convenient. For maximum safety, however, it is important to ensure that the front wheel of the motorcycle is also lifted and that the motorcycle is locked so that it cannot slip or tip over. In principle, however, it is recommended that less experienced motorcyclists, in particular, consult specialists for work on the brakes and the wheels of the machine. In this way, you can be sure that the most important parts of the motorbike function properly.

With the ConStands single sided paddocks, every rider of a motorcycle with single sided swingarm has the ideal tool. The rear wheel of the bike can be jacked up easily and safely within a very short time. This is ensured by the combination of a stable construction, favourable lever ratios and absolute fitting accuracy for every model. The top seller of the ConStands single-arm paddock family is the "Single-Classic". Its two-part design for space-saving transport as well as solid rubber castors for easy operation are its distinguishing features. The "Single-One" with its large castors makes lifting extra easy. In addition, it provides maximum stability with its torsion-resistant design made of 44 mm tube diameter.

The "Single-Racing" is distinguished by its slim racing design. It is the only single-arm stand in the ConStands family that has an exchangeable lever side. This means it can be used flexibly for different models. The family closes with the "Single-Mover". It is characterised by the unique combination of assembly stand and manoeuvring aid. Thanks to the quickly removable manoeuvring frame, you can use the "Single Mover" as a manoeuvring aid as well as a conventional assembly stand in no time at all.

Is an adapter suitable for my motorcycle included?

Yes - With the delivery of your ConStands Single Mover you will also receive the appropriate adapter bolt for your model. Please use our Bikefinder to get the best type-specific results. This way we can send you the right adapter and the right lever holder when you select your exact motorcycle model. Exception here is the "Single-Racing". Its delivery only includes the suitable adapter for your model, as the side of the lever holder can be changed flexibly.

With the ConStands paddocks you can easily and quickly jack up the rear wheel of your machine with single sided swingarm. This makes working on the motorcycle more comfortable and convenient. Adapters included in the scope of delivery promise a perfect fit to your machine. In addition, the rear wheel can be turned particularly easily thanks to the ball-bearing bolt. ConStands pays attention to quality at the best prices for its single-arm mounting stands. Clean workmanship and a solid design create stability and safety while maintaining functionality.