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Moving your motorcycle the simple, energy-saving way

If you’ve ever tried to move your bike in a tight space on your own, you’ll know how difficult it can be to shift such a heavy thing around your garage or workshop without causing an accident. Our products make moving your bike a breeze. Our movers allow a single person to move a motorcycle in the tightest of spaces: whether in the garage, close to a wall or in other enclosed spaces. They are also very simple to operate and make positioning your motorcycle wherever you want an almost effortless task.

Our special stands make it possible to move your motorcycle quickly and precisely in any direction. The excellent weight distribution makes any work on your motorcycle even safer. Don’t think that your motorcycle is too heavy for our stands! These fantastic devices make it possible to load even the heaviest of motorcycles with minimum effort.

Making moving your motorcycle effortless

If you want to move your motorcycle, discover the huge selection of mounting stands, movers and dollies for motorcycles with side stands. With us you’ll always find the right product - whether you’re looking for a space-saving dolly, which accommodates only the centre stand, or a complete mounting stand. Get freedom of movement in the tightest of spaces. Our brand movers are popular for taking bikes to exhibitions and trade fairs as well as for winter storage and parking. Their sophisticated construction and robust double rollers make precise positioning a breeze. Our mounting stands are suitable for a wide variety of motorcycles.