Payment methods

We have the following payment methods for you.

Also, you get free buyer protection secured by Trusted Shops regardless of the selected payment method for your purchase.

Credit card

When paying by credit card you will only need your credit card number and security code. Clients whose banks use 3-D Secure will require the additional authorisation stipulated by their bank. The charge on your credit card is processed after completion of the order. Your order will be processed by us immediately.


When paying by PayPal you will be redirected after completion of the order to the PayPal site. After entering your PayPal account information we get  payment confirmation. Your ordered goods will be shipped immediately. Still no PayPal account? No problem! You can create one easily at checkout with PayPal. (Bank details or credit card information must then be filed with Paypal)

PayPal Express

Express Checkout with PayPal: Fast, easy and secure. You will be redirected from the shopping cart directly to PayPal. Here you enter your PayPal login information. Payment is accepted and the stored shipping address is immediately sent to us. Simple as that.

Amazon Payments

With the payment method Amazon Payments  you can use credit, debit card or bank account information  registered with Amazon to pay.  Checkout is therefore particularly quick and convenient. Additional fees are not incurred by this payment method.

Immediate Transfer

With the payment method Immediate Transfer you pay as usual with your online banking details. After ordering, you will be redirected to the delivery site. This payment method only works if you already have an online banking account from your bank. Simply enter your login data and TAN. The charge will then be deducted immediately from your bank account. Your incoming order will be processed directly by us.